Al Kassal Moroccan Hammam Kit (black soap,Exfoliating Glove, taous bar soap , Ghassoul)

0.6 kg

1- Moroccan Natural Black Soap: (ingredients: aqua, glycerin, oleo oil, potassium hydroxide)

wash your body with warm water, massage with natural Moroccan black soap, soak for 5mn 

2- Moroccan Exfoliating Glove:

exfoliate with  the kessa/louffa glove to remove dead  cells and soften your skin, then rinse with water 

3- Taous soap Savon de Marseille: 

use this natural soap to give good smell to your body

4- Moroccan Ghassoul: (ingredients : aqua, olive oil, castor oil)

add few chips to half  cup of warm water, mixed it well and add it as mask to your hair for 20 minutes. this will strengthen the hair and make it soft.