Rayen Tunisian Authentic Bsissa Wheat Nature Mix 500g

0.6 kg


wheat, chickpea, coriander, oregano, fennel, anise


Bsissa when is blended with our extra virgin  olive oil and our Sara buckwheat honey  transforms into a breakfast of champions.!! 

All Natural Ingredients:

Roasted hard durum wheat, chickpea flour, lentil flour,  sorgho flour, coriander powder, fennel, marjoram, anis, carob.  

As people today search for the next "superfood", this ancient powder is becoming increasingly popular in North Africa and beyond for its high health benefits.

It is as good as – if not better than – any trendy protein shake!!

Being high in complex carbohydrates and fibre, it releases energy slowly, has 15 to 18g of protein per 100g, and is packed with vitamin C as well as minerals including iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium and calcium.